We have extensive experience in managing personal grievances and minimising costs and other risks to employers who find themselves in these difficult situations.

If an employee has lodged a personal grievance – or maybe if you think they are going to – talk to us about what you need to do to avoid a personal grievance or manage it effectively so that you can get on with running your business.

If you contact us early in the process – we may be able to help you avoid having to deal with formal litigation, however (if it becomes necessary) we will support you through the Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court.

The potential cost of an ERA case is why it is so important to get your process right the first time. Once it gets there even if you win it costs you. Work Law Ltd can assist you at any level in the process. Our preferred approach to a personal grievance is to reach a resolution as soon as possible to save you time and money.  

We can assist and advise with procedures so that personal grievances don’t occur or become excessively expensive.

Call us on 0800  669 466 and let us connect you with the right people and proccesses to help or email us using the form provided below.

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