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When You Need An Employment Law Expert And Can’t Afford An Auckland Employment Lawyer You Still Can Afford Legal Representation.

No Win No Fee = Contingency Fees

We believe everyone has a right to access to justice and so we offer No Win No Fee (Lawyers call this contingency Fees) for our services where we are seeking a financial outcome. We provide the same services as any Auckland Employment Lawyer. We also have employment advocates in the Waikato, Wellington, Taranaki, Nelson and Christchurch.

No Win No Fee literally means if we don’t win you don’t pay a fee.

When you have lost your job due to unfair dismissal or are faced with the prospect of losing your job because of a situation that has arisen with your employer it’s the least likely time you will be able to afford an employment lawyer.

When our Employment Law Advocates work on No Win No Fee basis, you can be assured they will be attempting to get you the highest settlement they can, in the shortest time.

We are passionate about what we do and we care about our clients.  We’d love to speak to you too.  See our reviews page. 

We have all heard of surprise legal fees that run into the thousands and leave you scratching your head about how it could be so much. There are no surprises working with Work Law.

Our Focus is Employment Law

The expertise, knowledge and experience of our Employment Law Advocates is the advantage we can offer you.  Our Advocates are all either legal professionals or HR experts.  They ALL have an extensive knowledge of NZ Employment Law.

We will only take your case on No Win No Fee basis if we are confident we can help.

Get Employment Law Advice and Assistance.

There is no risk to you, and you can stand tall with us by your side.

Note:  There are situations that we can’t do no win no fee, such as disciplinary meetings and other situations where we are assisting you to keep your job. This is because in these situations we can still help but we are not seeking financial gain.  In these cases we charge an hourly rate.

From Our Clients

Thousands of employees and employers have trusted us to help with their employment issues, here are reviews from a handful of them.

helpful, friendly and professional

5.0 rating
March 10, 2020
Review of Andrea Kelleher

Kate and Andrea are extremely helpful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend their advice…

Lily Tiy

Professionalism and unflinching confidence

5.0 rating
March 2, 2020
Review of Kam Bailey

Although my case was not so complicated, it was not straightforward either. Moreover, the evidence I had collected were not sufficient enough to support my case. This had caused me a lot of anxiety and made me nervous. However, Kam’s caring nature, empathy and encouragement put me at ease and helped steady my nerves. She walked me through the entire process, was very realistic in her approach and honest about what to expect from mediation. Her professionalism and unflinching confidence in me helped us achieve the exact outcome that I had wanted from my case. I can’t thank Kam enough for all her efforts and would definitely recommend her to anyone with employment issues.


Response from No Win No Fee

What a great review, this is a very common scenario. You don’t have to have all the answers yourself when you have an employment law issue, you can trust us to unravel the case and present it honestly and accurately in order to get you the best possible outcome. All the best from Kam and the team at Work Law.

N. Li

5.0 rating
February 27, 2020
Review of May Moncur

Thx very much for Ms May’s help.


Response from No Win No Fee

Thank you very much for the feedback, May was glad to be able to help you.


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