Parental leave is governed by the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987.

Where you are entitled to parental leave your job should be there for you when you return.

It is very rare that a job cannot be kept open.

In most cases you are expected to give three months notice of your intention to take leave. There are often problems for the employer keeping a job open such a lengthy period of time and you need to check on several points both before and during leave. We can help ensure your job is still there when you return. Problems also arise when an employee seeks leave and the employment relationship deteriorates. We can help identify problems and resolve them on your behalf.

It is best to consult us before you tell your employer you are seeking parental leave to avoid potential problems. We can ensure your leave is handled appropriately. We can also help with problems of discrimination against women having children and remaining in the workplace including elements of age and gender discrimination.

If you suspect you are being prejudiced in the workplace in any way give us a call.

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