There are formal steps to follow to raise a Personal Grievance

Prior to formally raise a Personal Grievance you must first bring the issue to the attention of your employer within 90 days.  If an employer is not aware of an issue it’s difficult to hold them accountable.   It is best to raise the issue in writing, via email or a letter and you should give your Employer a reasonable amount of time to respond (you can ask for a response within 3 days for example).  If you’re not satisfied with their response, you can request your employer attends a mediation with you.  If that fails, you can take your grievance to the Employment Relations Authority

Raising a Personal Grievance is a formal process.  It is best to raise your Personal Grievance in writing.  The issue will need to be stated clearly, along with details of your attempts to resolve the issue.  Dates and records of responses are important.    We can raise a personal grievance on your behalf. Email us or call us on 0800669466 

If you think you have grounds for raising a personal grievance but you are not sure, and If you would like us to review your issue for free and see how we can help you please complete the following contact form to be put in touch with an expert employment advocate in your area

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by Mini on Work Law, No Win No Fee Employment Advocates, New Zealand
I couldn't have done this on my own
City: Christchurch

My employer unfairly dismissed me without correct process. My Advocate out maneuvered my sneaky employer and her lawyer at every turn and I won my case !!! I couldn't be happier, thank you so much Work Law.

by Casey on Work Law, No Win No Fee Employment Advocates, New Zealand
They Saved My Job!
City: Auckland

Unfortunately through a misunderstanding with my boss I'd reached a situation where my working relationship was damaged. Work Law was great at fixing the situation. Ultimately I got to keep my job which is what I wanted and I can continue to support my family.

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