Did you know that one of the remedies for unfair dismissal is reinstatement?

Reinstatement, in employment law, refers to placing a worker back in a job he or she has lost without loss of job benefits.

Seeking and obtaining reinstatement allows you to continue with a job that has many benefits particularly ongoing employment and income while you plan your next career move. It may also be that you continue in a job that you like and where the previous problems may be solved that in turn enables you to remain permanently in that job. s. 125 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 provides for the remedy of reinstatement to be awarded by the Employment Relations Authority where it is sought by the applicant and where it is reasonable and practicable to do so. We can help get your job back through negotiation or mediation as well as through the Authority.

Often you need breathing space at work to see what opportunities for other employment are around. Getting reinstated give you that vital time to figure things out.

There can be other solutions to your work problems, for example a change of employment conditions such as working from home, transfer to another area or change of duties. 
We can help you consider this range of possibilities and obtain a solution for you.

Remember that it is preferable to change jobs without any down time affecting income and experience. Reinstatement should therefore be considered as a serious solution to your workplace problems.  Contact Us to discuss your particular case.

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