Sometimes it becomes necessary for employers to make staffing changes 

e.g. increasing or reducing staff, changing roles and job descriptions, etc. 

Any employer who handles such situations inappropriately risks costly disputes by staff members who have been affected by your need to restructure.

When you’re the employer in the small to medium sized business, employment issues can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This usually takes up a lot of precious time when you still have to run your business.

Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan, inevitably there will be times when you need to make changes to your business structure and your team.

We can advise you on the correct procedures to follow to avoid your employees needing take a legal case against you.

We advise employers whether they have a potential redundancy situation according to New Zealand workplace law and process they should follow to ensure the process is conducted in compliance with the employer’s contractual obligations.

Usually, the best way for employers to deal with such issues is to have well-worded Employment Agreement documentation and appropriate policies in place. Use appropriate support as you work through the consultation and restructuring process.

Priced from $450.00 (+GST). We can provide Employment Agreement documentation that will meet all of your legal obligations and also the specific needs of your business.

Whether or not you have used our documentation – we can also provide representation and support to help you deal with staff restructuring situations. Contact Us Now for an obligation-free discussion

Employment Relations Act – Part 6A Continuity of employment if employees’ work affected by restructuring

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