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Senior Employment Law Advocate

I have been working as an employment advocate for 11 years, specialising in migrant related employment issues.  New Zealand has very clear employment laws and I believe everybody deserves to have their rights upheld.May Moncur

11 Years of Experience in Employment Law

May is very well respected in the NZ Employment Law community. She has many years of experience with assisting clients with raising grievances and attending mediation and employment court, supporting both employees and employers. May also speaks Chinese and she has helped many migrant workers with employment issues, including exploitation. You will often find May in the news, drawing attention to the unfair treatment of employees in New Zealand.

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Work Law will listen and make sure they get you across the finish line in one piece!

Rated 5 out of 5
13 October 2021

I was recommended Work Law for my employment issue and I am so grateful for the recommendation. I was lucky to have Emma Moss as my Advocate and she was amazing, easy to understand, went through every process and procedure step by step, to make sure that I fully comprehended what was happening and why. She was very thoughtful as to how the process was affecting me and my family and always made sure that I was not pressured into making any quick decisions, giving me time to think everything through. She was so patient with me, as at times, as you can imagine, this was a very stressful and painful journey. Unfortunately for me, Excellent Emma was snapped up by a Law firm as soon as she was a fully qualified Lawyer. Emma had spoken to me about this long before this would have happened, but as my case was dragged out by the other party, Emma was not there to hold my hand and sing and dance with me when I got over the finish line. However, Emma didn’t just leave me hanging, she ensured that she left me in the capable hands of May Moncur, another amazing Work Law Advocate. May and Emma had a very long and in-depth handover meeting, Emma ensuring that she had ticked all the boxes to ensure May was ready to roll. May, also being very thorough and dedicated to my case, then went through each piece of documentation once again to ensure that she had fully understood all aspects of my employment issue to ensure she could take my case and get a positive outcome. The details of my employment issue had never before been seen within Employment Law case history, therefore, it was not the “norm” so to speak (even new to the ERA), but Marvelous May went in to bat for me and, she hit a home run. And of course, who was first to ring me after May had given me the good news… Emma! It was such a relief to see the past year of heartache and humiliation come to an end with a WIN, to hold my own and to not be bullied by the other party’s lawyer, to have the support of Excellent Emma and Marvelous May staying calm, professional and always polite, using their best manners, and never, ever, stooping to rudeness or bullying tactics. I don’t know how they do it, but if everyone could take a leaf out of their books, the world would be a kinder and better place. So, if anyone gives you a recommendation, take it. Because Work Law will listen and make sure they get you across the finish line in one piece! Thank you once again Emma and May, I am so grateful for your diligence, support and of course your knowledge of New Zealand Employment Law. I owe you both a coffee and a scone when I am next in Auckland, it would be lovely to meet you both in person!

Amanda R.

Response from No Win No Fee

Thanks for the epic review Amanda, you were a marvellous client and we all enjoyed our contact with you. We wish you and your family the best of luck for the future. Kindest regards on behalf of Emma and from May and all of us at Work Law.

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