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Ken Usmar Employment Advocate

Ken Usmar

  • Work Law Team
Employment Law Advocate

Ken is an expert at drafting of employment contracts, assistance with unfair dismissals, workplace bullying and other workplace disputes. 

Words can not express how grateful and appreciative I am

5.0 rating
May 9, 2018

A huge thank you to Ken for representing me. Words can not express how grateful and appreciative I am to have had you through out the whole process. Without you nothing would’ve been resolved and I’d still be in the same position I was in at the beginning. I wish you all the best with your other clients & cases as I am sure they too will be grateful to have you represent them. One day we may cross paths again but hopefully not in a mediation room, but as two civilians going about their day. =)  Keep doing an awesome job Ken, cheers, Kayla.


Once Ken had promoted my case and my concerns to the business involved it was plain sailing

5.0 rating
November 9, 2017

My experience with WorkLaw has been both positively uplifting and financially successful. My need for a fair and impartial advocate was necessary after the company I worked for exceeded their boundaries and I was left without a job and with no real understanding of how things could have gone so wrong and so quickly. WorkLaw were sympathetic to my situation and I immediately realised that with their legal knowledge and their support I had a real chance of being treated in a much fairer manner than I had previously experienced. And so it proved to be. WorkLaw entered into negotiations with the company which had dismissed me unjustifiably and within a few minutes of discussion the expertise of my advocate, Ken Usmar, convinced them of their legal responsibilities and their attitudes changed completely. Once Ken had promoted my case and my concerns to the business involved it was plain sailing. An agreement was made and I was paid a settlement amount along with certification for the years that I had been employed by the company and I haven’t looked back. My experience with WorkLaw not only provided me with a fair and reasonable financial settlement without the need to proceed to Employment Court, but also restored my faith in a system which is designed not to hinder but to assist employees when they have not been treated lawfully. My recommendation to anyone who finds themselves in an employment situation that requires knowledge, understanding, and expertise : contact WorkLaw – they can, and will, help. My appreciation for their assistance is very high. Regards, Shayne

Shayne Lyons

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