Kam Bailey


Senior Employment Law Advocate

Through my legal writing, research skills, and effective communication with all parties, I will present your case with the strongest argument possible.  I do this at the same time as protecting your dignity during what can be a challenging and upsetting process.

I will navigate you through your employment issue in a way that ensures you feel heard, understood and supported. Kam Bailey, Employment Law Advocate Work Law Ltd

12+ Years of Experience in Employment Law

Kam has extensive experience in assisting clients with raising grievances and attending mediation with employees from high executive positions such as CEO’s and General Managers right through to employees who make up the rest of the workforce in a variety or roles ranging from customer service, banking, retail, food and hospitality. She has seen a wide range of clients during her 12+ years of experience as being an Advocate for Employees.

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What clients say about Kam

Kam is respectful and professional

5.0 rating
July 14, 2020
Review of Kam Bailey

The team was very helpful. All my questions, concerns and comments were addressed with the utmost respect, urgency and professionalism. Thanks for the help.

A. Vaoga

Response from No Win No Fee

Thanks for the 5 star review, it was a pleasure working with you too. All the best from Kam and the team at Work Law

Jenifer Silva

I’m Jenifer silva

Employment Law Advocate, Auckland

I decided to do a law degree due to a strong desire to see that people have explained to them the rights they are afforded. This desire was honed into a passion for workers rights.

I am now an experienced employment law advocate. I will guide you sensitively through what is often a very stressful time.

Jenifer is a member of ELINZ, The Employment Law Institute of New Zealand, promoting professional standards of employment law advocacy.


Advocating for employees and getting the best outcome for them.

Jenifer is skilled in all matters of Employment Law.  She puts her law degree into good practice and brings both her skills, her compassionate and professional manner to the table when negotiating you a fair outcome.

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What clients say about Jenifer

Jenifer went above and beyond to help me

5.0 rating
June 9, 2020
Review of Jenifer Silva

Amazing team who went above and Beyond to help me through a very though time Jenifer put in so much time and effort to make sure I understood the whole process cannot recommend these guys enough thank you all so much.

Samantha B.

Response from No Win No Fee

Thanks so much for your review Samantha, we really appreciate it. We all wish you the very best for the future, from Jenifer and the team at Work Law

Emma Moss


Employment Law Advocate Auckland

I provide specialist employment relations advice to businesses and individuals.


15+ Years Experience

Emma is an experienced Human Resources practitioner with over 15 years of New Zealand experience.  Combine that with her current Legal Studies towards a Law Degree and her more recent 4 years experience in the Employment Law arena that makes Emma an Employment Law Specialist. Emma has the ability to facilitate practical solutions to problematic Employment Relationships.

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Read Reviews from Emma's happy clients

Emma went above and beyond

5.0 rating
July 13, 2020
Review of Emma Moss

Over a long battle I am happy with Emma and the service she provided. She was able to help me reach an agreement that I was able to live with. Emma went beyond and was able to be there for me out of her own time. Thank you again Emma

S. Richardson

Response from No Win No Fee

Thanks for the feedback, Samantha. All the best for the future from Emma and the team at Work Law.

May Moncur

I’m May Moncur

Senior Employment Law Advocate

I have been working as an employment advocate for 10 years, specialising in migrant related employment issues.  New Zealand has very clear employment laws and I believe everybody deserves to have their rights upheld.

10 Years of Experience in Employment Law

May is very well respected in the NZ Employment Law community. She has many years experience with assisting clients with raising grievances and attending mediation and employment court, supporting both employees and employers. May also speaks Chinese and she specialises in migrant related employment issues.

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What clients say about May

There's no-one like May

5.0 rating
May 18, 2020
Review of May Moncur

Very happy with results. There is no one out there like May who is taking vulnerable people case seriously than her own benefit. And also she brought the best results for the people who have been treated unfairly. Very glad I met May and really really appreciate her work. Thank you very much

Lin H

Response from No Win No Fee

Thank you Lin, we are very lucky to have May 🙂

Andrea Kelleher

I’m Andrea kelleher

Employment Law Advocate

No matter who you are, where you work, what you earn, you deserve expert, caring, proven, experienced representation.

I am accustomed to communicating with people under extreme pressure.

When I represent you, my focus is on your best outcome and you will be advised, consulted and updated through every step of the process.  

We know life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t excuse people abusing power.  If you have been treated unfairly, I will help you.  There is a way through.

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What clients say about Andrea

Andrea is very efficient and compassionate

5.0 rating
June 26, 2020
Review of Andrea Kelleher

I highly recommend Andrea from Work Law very efficient and compassionate. Made me feel secure that my issues would be dealt with effectively and had my best interests at top priority very please with the whole process.

M. Zafiri

Response from No Win No Fee

Thank you Mohammad, we appreciate you sharing your positive experience with others. All the best from Andrea and the Work Law team.

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