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What is fair depends on the circumstances.  Any relevant provisions in the employment agreement must be followed.

If an employment agreement does not have a notice period, then reasonable notice must be given.

Employees have the right to be told what the problem is and that dismissal or other disciplinary action is a possibility. Employees must then be given a genuine opportunity to tell their side of the story before the employer decides what to do.

Employees have the right to be supported at a disciplinary meeting by an advocate or support person and there must be sufficient time to organise such representation and prepare for the meeting.

The employer should investigate any allegations of misconduct thoroughly and without prejudice. Unless there has been misconduct so serious that it warrants summary dismissal, the employee should be given clear standards to aim for and a genuine opportunity to improve.

If an employee is dismissed, he or she has the right to ask the employer for a written statement of the reasons for dismissal. This request can be made up to 60 days after they find out about the dismissal. The employer must provide the written statement within 14 days of such a request. If the employer fails to provide this written statement, the employee may consequently be able to raise a grievance after the required 90 day limitation period.

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I would highly recommend Shayne

5.0 rating
July 4, 2019

I made a call to Work Law and am very glad I did! Shayne guided me through the process and counselled me along the way with wise advise and expertise. I highly recommend Shayne and the team at Work Law Ltd!

Katrina M

Prompt and professional

5.0 rating
July 4, 2019

Sandy was amazing to deal with. She was prompt and professional from my initial call through to the settlement. She keep me updated on the progress at all times and the whole case was dealt with instantly. No dragging and long processes. I would highly recommend her service.

Ava Tito

It was great working with the team!

5.0 rating
July 3, 2019

It was great working with the team! Kate and Emma were so professional and understanding, would highly recommend.

Siobahn Brown



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