Been given notice of a disciplinary or investigation meeting?

Do you need legal representation at mediation or a disciplinary meeting? Our Advocates are Qualified and Experienced Experts in NZ Employment Law

At some stage in your career you may be called to a disciplinary or investigation meeting.

These meetings should not be taken lightly and may result in dismissal.

At all times it is best to attend these meetings with an advocate who can help you avoid the problems at these meetings.

You should contact us immediately you receive notice of a disciplinary meeting so that our advocate can arrange for the meeting to take place at a time convenient to all.

Our advocate will help you prepare beforehand and have a defence to the accusations as well as ensuring the disciplinary meeting proceeds fairly and with proper consideration of your rights.  Our advocate will also advise you on the possibilities of an exit package or grievance that may arise from the disciplinary meeting. They will also be able to advise on solutions to problems that gave rise to the disciplinary meeting including staff relocation and rearrangement of duties.

The advocate can guide you through the meeting and speak on your behalf as appropriate. We can advise you on your options before, during and after the disciplinary meeting.

You should be told in advance if the meeting is going to be disciplinary. You should be told what the meeting is about and how serious the outcome could be, so you can prepare and get support. If you are called to a disciplinary meeting you have the right to refuse to go ahead with the meeting until you have a support person. If your support person hasn’t had time to prepare, then the meeting must be rescheduled. 

A Disciplinary Meeting Can Often Be A Great Opportunity To Turn Things In Your Favour, 
They Can Sometimes Be An Opportunity To Negotiate An Exit From What Has Become An Unhappy Situation For Both The Employer and the Employee.

Disciplinary meetings often open up the way to other employment solutions. The advocate can advise and assist you with these. With an advocate disciplinary meetings will be much easier and less stressful. With our help a disciplinary meeting can often lead to a better employer/employee relationship in the long-run.

The seriousness of the disciplinary action must reflect the seriousness of your actions: the punishment must fit the crime. Any disciplinary action, such as a warning or dismissal, must be the same action taken against other workers who have done the same thing in the past. You cannot get a harsher punishment than another worker for doing the same thing.

Contact us as soon as you are advised of a disciplinary meeting – we can help.

Never attend a disciplinary or investigation meeting without calling us first.

If you have attended a disciplinary meeting and you are unhappy with the outcome you may be entitled to raise a personal grievance.

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