Employment Relations Authority-Our Advocates are Experts at Employment Law

The Employment Relations Authority is an employment court that deals with employment disputes. It holds investigation meetings and gives a determination or decision that is binding and enforceable.

Where the parties cannot agree on mediation the Authority can direct the parties to mediation. It can also direct the parties to mediation a second time to resolve the dispute.

We can help you go to the Authority to obtain remedies for your grievance. Our employment law experts will advocate on your behalf with the paperwork including the application and witness statements as well as appear on your behalf to conduct the case.

We can undertake compliance proceedings if the other party does not make payment pursuant to the determination.

Most important of all we can assess the financial and other risks you have in seeking arbitration through the Authority and suggest the best way forward.

Call us if you are contemplating going to the Authority or if you cannot make progress with your employment dispute.

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